Italy and Greece
Are they on your bucket list?

Custom travel is a unique trip for couples, families and friends that want to experience the ultimate in trip planning and special exploration. From behind the scenes museum visits, to specialty wine tastings and cooking classes. You want it, I build it. All of the details, from the moment you land, until the time you depart, are arranged according to your wishes. This is "no worry" trip handling and no custom itinerary is typically duplicated.

Mild year-round temperatures!

Hawaii overflows with natural beauty. Piercing the surface of the Pacific from the ocean floor, the Hawaiian Islands are garlanded with soft sand beaches and dramatic volcanic cliffs. Long days of sunshine and fairly mild year-round temperatures make this an all-season destination, and the islands' offerings—from urban Honolulu on Oahu to the luxury resorts of Maui to the natural wonders of Kauai and the Big Island—appeal to all kinds of visitors. Less-developed Lanai and Molokai are quieter, but all the islands are rich in Hawaiian culture.

America's last frontier

Alaska is America's last frontier, with landscapes that stretch out seemingly to infinity. From the lush rain forests of Southeast to the vast, flat tundra in the north, you can stare in awe at the same things that take an Alaskan’s breath away: calving glaciers, volcanic valleys, jagged sea cliffs, the northern lights, and more. Here you can kayak to icebergs, fly over the highest peak in North America, stay out all night celebrating the midnight sun, and spot wildlife from eagles to whales. For lovers of nature, few places exhilarate like Alaska.

Travel Insurance

Your vacation is a significant investment so protect it with travel insurance. Check with your homeowners and/or auto insurance company, in addition to the cruise line, tour company, and 3rd party insurance companies to find the best option for you. 

Bliss Trips etc, LLC is not a licensed insurance agent and can not provide recommendations for, comment on, or endorse any specific coverage. I can provide you with direct links from the tour company, cruise line, or 3rd party insurance company that we work with. All questions about coverage, claims, etc., should be directed to the insurance provider. 

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