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Janet Miller - Founder

Hello, I'm Janet, the founder and principal travel advisor for Bliss Trips etc. I have been in the concierge business for over thirty years, assisting high level executives with their extensive travel plans, domestic and international. When I was told by numerous executives how good I was with envisioning every step of their trips, I knew I needed to branch out on my own and help others with their dream trips. Being such a detail oriented person and already used to working remote, I knew I could do this! 

There are a lot of moving parts and clients need someone who can envision, anticipate problems and plan for every single detail of their trip. I AM that travel advisor.

Your vacation is an investment and your travel advisor is there to protect every penny of that investment. The biggest advantage of having a travel advisor book your important vacation is having someone to contact when you need it the most. You will have access to me, 24/7, if something should go wrong (yes, hiccups do occur). Providing that peace of mind to my clients is important, especially with the way the world is right now.

I take pride in providing a personalized service with a personalized touch

If you are ready to start planning, even if you have no idea where to start, please don't hesitate to contact Bliss Trips etc. 

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