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Janet Miller - Founder

Hello, I'm Janet, the founder and principal travel advisor for Bliss Trips etc. I have been in the concierge business for over thirty years, assisting high level executives with their extensive travel plans, domestic and international. When I was told by numerous executives how good I was with envisioning every step of their trips, I knew I needed to branch out on my own and help others with their dream trips. Being such a detail oriented person and already used to working remote, I knew I could do this! 

There are a lot of moving parts and clients need someone who can envision, anticipate problems and plan for every single detail of their trip. I AM that travel advisor.

Your vacation is an investment and your travel advisor is there to protect every penny of that investment. The biggest advantage of having a travel advisor book your important vacation is having someone to contact when you need it the most. You will have access to me, 24/7, if something should go wrong (yes, hiccups do occur). Providing that peace of mind to my clients is important, especially with the way the world is right now.

I take pride in providing a personalized service with a personalized touch

If you are ready to start planning, even if you have no idea where to start, please don't hesitate to contact Bliss Trips etc. 

Travel Insurance
ARCH RoamRight

Your vacation is a significant investment so protect it with travel insurance.  Check with your homeowners and/or auto insurance company, in addition to the cruise line, tour company, and 3rd party insurance companies to find the best option for you. 

Bliss Trips etc, LLC is not a licensed insurance agent and can not provide recommendations for, comment on, or endorse any specific coverage. I can provide you with direct links from the tour company, cruise line, or 3rd party insurance company that we work with. All questions about coverage, claims, etc., should be directed to the insurance provider. 

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EatWith (a fun service that connects you with a local couple or family who will feed you in their home)

Flytographer provides photographers in major cities around the world for 30 minute - 60 minute sessions. The photographers are also fantastic at providing local *must-eat/visit* places.